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HeyGen is an online video tool that allows users to create engaging business videos with Generative AI. The platform provides built-in talking AI-avatars that remove the costly barriers of traditional video filming and editing. Learn More


AI Video, AI Translation

What It Does

You can easily create your how-to videos or tutorial videos in minutes without any video editing skills by using explainer video templates with different themes. You can also translate your videos seamlessly with one click, using a natural voice clone and authentic speaking style!

Why It’s Awesome

HeyGen has a variety of functions that can be employed in minutes. My favorite is the video translation function that allows you to convert any video of a person speaking into a different language using your words, voice, and facial movements. I used it to create a video of myself speaking Spanish. Read more about that in the Colombia, Not Columbia article.

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HeyGen in Action

The following videos were shot in English and translated by HeyGen. The presenter, Mark de Grasse, does not speak Spanish or German: