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Instant Personal Brand Voice Generator | Prompt

You need a prompt that will turn any article, social media post, email campaign, email message, etc. into your personal brand’s voice! All you need is and a self-written article to make it happen. Find out how!


Purpose: Personal Branding

AI Platform:

Source: Mark de Grasse

Related Product/Service: NA

Further Information: Video Walk-Thru


Copy and paste the prompt into Replace the information in [] with your customized details.



Based on the attached document, create a brand voice based on the writer:

[Attach a document or simply paste the text of your article]


Create a single sentence that embodies all elements of the previous answer.

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Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is the founder of the AI-Branding Academy and creator of the AI-Branding Framework, a comprehensive styling system intended to maintain and centralize the vision of business owners, marketers, and executives across their organizations.