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Instant Movie Concept Generator | ChatGPT Prompt

Have you ever had an amazing movie concept that you WISHED would get made? Why not flesh out the concept in 1-minute using AI! This prompt is fun, free, and could lead to your first screen credit (probably not but who knows?).


Purpose: Personal Entertainment

AI Platform: ChatGPT

Source: Mark de Grasse

Related Product/Service: NA

Further Information: ChatGPT Demo


Copy and paste the prompt into a new ChatGPT chat. Replace the information in [] with your customized details.

You can fill in the brackets with relevant details to come up with a new concept. For example:

  • [Famous Actor/Actress]: Could be any actor, from Scarlett Johansson to Robert De Niro.
  • [Activity or Setting]: This could be any sort of activity, setting, or world—like “time travel,” “professional gaming,” or “pirate ship.”
  • [Antagonist’s Role]: The role or job of the antagonist, like “corrupt CEO,” “alien overlord,” or “sinister magician.”
  • [Antagonist’s Goal]: What the antagonist is trying to achieve, such as “monopolizing the world’s water supply,” “unleashing a deadly virus,” or “stealing historical artifacts.”

Here’s an example using the template:

“Create a short film concept involving Scarlett Johansson getting into time travel to stop a sinister magician from altering the course of history.”



Create a short film concept involving [Famous Actor/Actress] getting into [Activity or Setting] to stop an [Antagonist's Role] from [Antagonist's Goal].

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Mark de Grasse is the founder of the AI-Branding Academy and creator of the AI-Branding Framework, a comprehensive styling system intended to maintain and centralize the vision of business owners, marketers, and executives across their organizations.