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AI-Branding Academy Press Release

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Jay Vics of JVI Mobile Marketing Partners with AI-Branding Academy to Fuel Online Growth Through Innovative Digital Solutions

Jay Vics of JVI Mobile Marketing Partners with AI-Branding Academy to Fuel Online Growth Through Innovative Digital Solutions

June 24, 2024 – AI-Branding Academy has announced an exciting strategic partnership with JVI Mobile Marketing, with the goal of delivering cutting-edge digital marketing solutions powered by AI to drive online growth for businesses worldwide.

This collaboration will see JVI Mobile Marketing integrate the AI-Branding framework, enhancing their offerings with advanced AI technology seamlessly blended with proven digital marketing strategies. Both organizations are committed to empowering marketers and revolutionizing the industry through this transformative partnership.

AI-Branding Academy, under the leadership of CEO Mark de Grasse, provides a comprehensive educational platform that merges traditional branding methodologies with the latest AI technologies. Their mission is to foster a community of certified professionals recognized for innovation and excellence in marketing through transformative courses and certification programs.

“Jay Vics’ approach to digital marketing is refreshingly pragmatic and results-driven, making JVI Mobile Marketing an ideal partner for the Academy,” said Mark de Grasse. “We promote ethical marketers who take immense pride in delivering tangible success for clients, and Jay embodies that commitment perfectly.”

Founded by Jay Vics, JVI Mobile Marketing specializes in innovative digital marketing solutions that empower businesses to thrive online. By integrating AI-Branding, they will offer clients unparalleled solutions blending AI with proven strategies to capture new online customers effectively.

“We are thrilled to leverage AI-Branding frameworks to elevate our digital marketing prowess and propel clients into an AI-powered future,” said Jay Vics. “This partnership equips our clients with cutting-edge tools to double (or better), their online growth through comprehensive strategies well beyond basic social media posting.”

The partnership aims to revolutionize digital marketing by providing AI-powered tools and frameworks that enable marketers to create highly effective, innovative campaigns optimized for online customer acquisition. These resources position clients as industry leaders in the digital space.

JVI Mobile Marketing’s flagship “JourneyBuilder Software With a Service (SWaS)” will further equip businesses with a solid digital marketing foundation. Clients can then choose to continue their growth trajectory independently, hire JVI as their agency, or receive coaching to find the right long-term partner.

By combining AI-Branding Academy’s transformative education with JVI’s pragmatic, results-driven approach, this collaboration will streamline digital marketing processes, boost creativity, and ultimately drive significant online business growth.

For more information on the partnership and to learn how AI-Branding Academy and JVI Mobile Marketing can help your business stand out, visit

About AI-Branding Academy

AI-Branding Academy is dedicated to redefining marketing education by blending traditional branding strategies with cutting-edge AI applications. Committed to empowering over 20,000 professionals by 2025, the academy offers transformative courses and certifications designed to inspire and elevate. With core values of Customer Empowerment, Educational Leadership, Community Engagement, Social Responsibility, Adaptive Growth, Ethical Integrity, and Visionary Leadership, AI-Branding Academy sets the global standard in marketing expertise.

About Jay Vics & JVI Mobile Marketing

JVI Mobile Marketing is a trailblazing digital marketing agency helmed by founder Jay Vics, renowned for their pragmatic, results-driven approach that transcends basic social media tactics. Specializing in innovative solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies and AI capabilities, JVI empowers businesses to double, even 256X, their online growth and customer acquisition through highly effective, optimized campaigns. Their flagship “JourneyBuilder Software With a Service (SWaS)” equips clients with a solid digital marketing foundation, after which JVI can serve as either a long-term agency partner or provide coaching to find the ideal fit, upholding an unwavering commitment to ethical practices and delivering measurable success.

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