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Instant Customer Avatar Generator ChatGPT Prompt

Need to create a useful Customer Avatar that gives you more than just your target market demographics? Then you need to try this prompt!


Purpose: Marketing Strategy

AI Platform: ChatGPT


Related Product/Service: Social Strategy Bootcamp

Further Information: The Customer Avatar Worksheet: Finally, Get Clear On WHO You Are Selling To!


Copy and paste the prompt into a new ChatGPT chat. Replace the information in [] with your customized details.



I am the owner of [ENTER COMPANY NAME]. We are in the [ENTER INDUSTRY] and sell [SUMMARIZE PRODUCT/SERVICE OFFERING]. Our ideal client is [ENTER AGE RANGE], loves to [ENTER SEVERAL INTERESTS], and highly values [ENTER CORE VALUES]. Our goal is to be known for [ENTER WHAT YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE KNOWN FOR].

Based on the company information, summarize 5 potential customer avatars that may fit with their offerings and what they want to be known for. Name each avatar.

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Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is the founder of the AI-Branding Academy and creator of the AI-Branding Framework, a comprehensive styling system intended to maintain and centralize the vision of business owners, marketers, and executives across their organizations.