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November 13, 2023
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Why HeyGen’s AI Translator is a Revolution in Communication

02 February, 2021

Last week I gave a presentation in Medellín, Colombia, and it started with this video:

My name is Mark de Grasse and I don’t speak Spanish.

In fact, that video you just watched was shot in English.

I’m sorry if I deceived you!

That video was created using HeyGen, an AI service that not only translates speech from one language to another, it translates your words AND voice, THEN it moves your my mouth to mimic the motions of speech in whatever language you want.


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And it does EVEN MORE than that! But let’s focus on translation for now.

HeyGen translated a video I shot in just a few minutes, and it demonstrates an enormous leap in our ability to not only communicate, but more importantly, to UNDERSTAND each other better.

It’s more than a translation, it’s the ability to connect with people in a way that has never been known before.

Did you know that 55-93% (depending on the study) of our language is non-verbal?

If you’re in marketing or sales, you SHOULD know that.

How much more emotion and influence can you convey with a phone call over a simple text message? With a zoom call over a phone call?

Let’s take it a step further than simple marketing messages and sales calls…

How much would your sales increase if everything your prospects and customers saw came directly from you?

All the product updates… all of the industry news… all of the useful details that will help them get the MOST out of the service or product you sold them?

HeyGen can help you accomplish that too! You can create an Instant Avatar and create as many videos as you want (in over 20 languages) by simply TYPING. No more dressing up for shoots or rearranging your entire office for proper lighting.

Just create your avatar, write a script with ChatGPT (Click Here for a free script-writing prompt), and you’re good to go!

Here’s a few video’s I’ve made recently in different languages:

Mark Speaks Dutch

Mark Speaks Portuguese

Mark Speaks German

Mark’s Instant Avatar Speaks English (I typed what I said)

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Interested in creating your own Instant Avatar and/or translating your video into over 20 languages? Click Here to learn more.