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Give Up Alcohol Plan | ChatGPT Prompt

Want to stop drinking but don’t know how? You just need a plan that incorporates realistic progression, and allows you to give up in stages that you determine. Create a custom give-up plan with this prompt!


Purpose: Create a custom guide for giving up alcohol within a specific timeframe, incorporating progressively longer increments of time and different types of alcohol.

AI Platform: ChatGPT

Source: Mark de Grasse

See It In Action: ChatGPT Chat Link


Copy and paste the prompt into a ChatGPT chat. Replace the bracketed [ ] areas where indicated before executing each prompt. If you use GPT4, a chart will be generated.



Act as a spiritual, mental health, and physical health professional. I am seeking to give up [HABIT] within the next [TIMEFRAME]. I currently drink [ALCOHOL TYPES] on a [DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY] basis. Create a plan to give up alcohol in longer and longer increments by giving up different types of alcohol as time progresses, resulting in a complete cessation of alcohol within the time frame specified. Create a chart outlining the time progression and alcohol being given up. 

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Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is the founder of the AI-Branding Academy and creator of the AI-Branding Framework, a comprehensive styling system intended to maintain and centralize the vision of business owners, marketers, and executives across their organizations.