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AI-Branding Academy Press Release

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AI-Branding Academy and Before the Rise Inc. Forge Strategic Partnership to Deliver AI-Powered Branding Solutions

Gabriel Vangelatos

June 10, 2024 – AI-Branding Academy is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Before the Rise Inc., aimed at delivering advanced AI-powered branding solutions to clients worldwide. Through this collaboration, Before the Rise Inc. will implement the AI-Branding framework, enhancing their service offerings with cutting-edge AI technology and traditional branding strategies. This partnership underscores the commitment of both organizations to empower marketers and revolutionize the industry.

AI-Branding Academy, led by CEO Mark de Grasse, offers a comprehensive educational platform that blends traditional branding strategies with the latest AI technologies. Their mission is to provide transformative experiences through courses and certification programs, fostering a community of certified professionals recognized for their innovation and excellence in marketing.

“Gabe and I have been friends for a while, and he’s always provided genuine insights and innovation in the world of marketing, bringing a unique perspective on the profession. It’s a joy to have him as a partner,” said Mark de Grasse, CEO of AI-Branding Academy.

Before the Rise Inc., founded by Gabriel Vangelatos, specializes in delivering innovative AI solutions to enhance business processes. By integrating the AI-Branding framework into their services, they will offer clients unparalleled branding solutions that combine AI technology with proven branding methodologies.

“We are excited to use the AI-Branding frameworks to improve the practice of marketing and excel our clients into an AI-powered future,” said Gabriel Vangelatos, Founder of Before the Rise Inc. “This partnership will provide our clients with the tools they need to lead in an increasingly digital landscape.”

The partnership aims to revolutionize the branding landscape by providing clients with AI-powered tools and frameworks. These resources will enable marketers to create more effective and innovative branding strategies, positioning them as leaders in their respective industries.

This collaboration will also see the development of new AI-powered branding tools and resources, designed to streamline branding processes and boost creative capabilities. These tools will be made available to all AI-Branding Academy students and Before the Rise Inc. clients.

For more information on the partnership and to learn how AI-Branding Academy and Gabriel Vangelatos can help your business stand out, visit

About AI-Branding Academy

AI-Branding Academy is dedicated to redefining marketing education by blending traditional branding strategies with cutting-edge AI applications. Committed to empowering over 20,000 professionals by 2025, the academy offers transformative courses and certifications designed to inspire and elevate. With core values of Customer Empowerment, Educational Leadership, Community Engagement, Social Responsibility, Adaptive Growth, Ethical Integrity, and Visionary Leadership, AI-Branding Academy sets the global standard in marketing expertise.

About Gabriel Vangelatos and Before the Rise, Inc.

Before the Rise Inc., founded by Gabriel Vangelatos, is renowned for delivering innovative AI solutions that enhance business processes. In addition to its technological advancements, the company hosts the popular “After the Set” podcast, where industry leaders discuss the latest trends and insights in AI and marketing. This platform further solidifies Before the Rise Inc.’s commitment to advancing the field of marketing through education and thought leadership.

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