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Etan Polinger of Prosperous Media Partners with AI-Branding Academy to Enhance AI Marketing and Branding

Etan Polinger becomes an AI-Branding Partner

June 4, 2024 – AI-Branding Academy, a pioneer in online marketing education, is excited to announce its partnership with Etan Polinger, the distinguished founder and CEO of Prosperous Media and As the latest licensee of the AI-Branding Framework, Etan will utilize his comprehensive expertise in AI marketing and brand building to enhance the framework’s influence.

Etan Polinger, a Certified AI Consultant & AI-Brander, has been a beacon in the marketing industry, consistently crafting unforgettable brands that attract more clients daily. As the founder and owner of Prosperous Media and, he has amplified the profit and impact of those seeking to bring more good to the world by providing all-inclusive marketing services and consulting.

His certification as an AI Consultant, combined with his innovative approaches and proven strategies, underscores his exceptional ability to integrate AI with traditional marketing strategies. “Share your goals with me, and I will meticulously craft the messaging and experience that drives your audience not just to engage but to take meaningful actions – purchase, donate, subscribe, support, and beyond,” said Polinger.

AI-Branding Academy’s commitment to setting the standard in marketing certifications, with a vision of empowering over 20,000 professionals by 2025, finds a strong ally in Polinger. His dedication to empowering mission-driven companies through clear, confident marketing messages and showcasing unique differentiators makes him an ideal partner.

Etan Polinger and AI-Branding Academy founder Mark de Grasse worked with each other to create dozens of pieces of content at The two have collaborated on a variety of marketing and management projects, and are looking forward to continuing their content creation efforts with the new partnership.

“Etan Polinger and Prosperous Media embody the visionary leadership and innovative spirit we champion at AI-Branding Academy,” said Mark de Grasse, CEO of AI-Branding Academy. “His expertise and proven track record will significantly enhance our AI-Branding Framework, benefiting our community of forward-thinking marketers.”

This collaboration promises to bring fresh marketing strategies and tactics infused with new energy, helping companies attract the business they truly want. By leveraging AI-Branding Academy’s transformative educational experiences, Polinger will help position scaling companies as thought leaders in their industries.

For more information on the partnership and to learn how AI-Branding Academy and Etan Polinger can help your business stand out, visit or

About AI-Branding Academy

AI-Branding Academy is dedicated to redefining marketing education by blending traditional branding strategies with cutting-edge AI applications. Committed to empowering over 20,000 professionals by 2025, the academy offers transformative courses and certifications designed to inspire and elevate. With core values of Customer Empowerment, Educational Leadership, Community Engagement, Social Responsibility, Adaptive Growth, Ethical Integrity, and Visionary Leadership, AI-Branding Academy sets the global standard in marketing expertise.

About Etan Polinger and Prosperous Media

Etan Polinger, a Certified AI Consultant & the CEO of Prosperous Media, has been amplifying the profit and impact of those seeking to bring more good to the world by providing all-inclusive marketing services and consulting. With a speciality in developing marketing strategies for mission-driven companies, he has transformed narratives, sales funnels, and experiences, amplifying engagement, and boosting conversions. He has written for and is a recognized speaker in the field. In addition, Etan has taught AI marketing strategies and tactics to the marketing and communication teams at globally renowned companies. Prosperous Media excels in positioning companies for explosive growth through innovative strategic planning and brand development.

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