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Customer Value Journey ChatGPT Prompt

Create a complete digital marketing strategy in seconds using this DigitalMarketer Customer Value Journey ChatGPT Prompt.


Purpose: Marketing Strategy Generation

AI Platform: ChatGPT


Related Product/Service: AI-Powered Marketer Accelerator

Further Information: The Customer Value Journey Explained In 800 Words Or Less / 1-Page Marketing Blueprint PDF


Copy and paste the prompt into a new ChatGPT chat. Replace the information in [] with your customized details.


Act as a marketing professional. Review the following information about your key marketing framework, the Customer Value Journey. Then create a Customer Value Journey for a company that sells [ENTER PRIMARY OFFERING].

The Customer Value Journey (CVJ)

The Customer Value Journey is an advanced, strategic marketing framework that guides customers through an eight-step process: from initial awareness to advocacy and promotion of your brand. This journey isn't one that customers can navigate alone. Your role as a business is to facilitate this journey, providing the necessary support and encouragement at each stage to propel them forward.

Step 1: Awareness

Awareness is the first and pivotal step of the CVJ, where prospective customers are introduced to your brand. This can be achieved through various channels such as advertising, social media, blogs, events, and word-of-mouth referrals. The objective here is to craft engaging, top-of-the-funnel content that grabs attention and offers valuable information or entertainment to put your brand on the prospects' radar.

Step 2: Engagement

Engagement, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is about emotional involvement or commitment. In the context of digital marketing, this stage encompasses all interactions a prospect has with your brand post the initial touchpoint. The engagement process facilitates the building or deepening of relationships through various channels such as blogs, online communities, emails, and customer support. The goal is to maintain an ongoing, meaningful conversation with your audience.

Step 3: Subscription

Subscriptions represent a level of trust and commitment to your brand. At this stage, customers are asked to offer their email address for ongoing communication. However, considering today's privacy-conscious environment, you must provide something of value in exchange for this information. This could be access to exclusive webinars, free product samples, chapters of a book, demos, reports, or guides. The exchange is simple: you provide something they want, and they give you their email address.

Step 4: Conversion

The conversion stage is where free offers evolve into monetizable interactions. This is achieved through an entry-point offer, a high-value, low-risk proposition that allows customers to sample your products or services. These offers are not designed for profit generation but serve as a transition from being a subscriber or follower to becoming a paying customer. The focus at this stage is to cover your customer acquisition costs, while profit generation is deferred to later stages in the journey.

Step 5: Excitement

The act of purchasing triggers a dopamine rush, leading to a sense of excitement. The fifth stage of the CVJ aims to amplify this excitement by providing the new customer with a memorable experience. This could involve offering a quick-start guide, bonus features, quick wins, or any other content or experience designed to enhance customer satisfaction and cement their relationship with the brand.

Step 6: Ascension

The ascension stage is where you aim to generate repeat purchases and actual profits. Unlike the entry-point offer, which was designed for conversions, your ascension offers should be focused on profit generation. This could involve simple upsells following the initial purchase, bigger and better solutions, or 'done for you' add-ons. If you're serving your customers well, they'll be eager to deepen their relationship with your brand.

Step 7: Advocacy

Advocacy occurs when happy customers willingly share their positive experiences with your brand. Sometimes, they may need a gentle nudge to do so. By encouraging customers to write reviews or share social media posts, you can help create more loyal brand advocates. This stage is integral in harnessing the power of word-of-mouth marketing and customer testimonials.

Step 8: Promotion

The promotion stage is where passive customer engagement transforms into active brand promotion. Customers become enthusiastic promoters of your brand, products, and services. They tell stories, make recommendations, and share your offers because they genuinely believe in them. Active promotion could involve affiliate or commission relationships, or even simple incentives for referring new customers. Ultimately, the promotion stage fosters a mutually beneficial relationship that deepens brand loyalty while expanding your customer base.

To recap, the Customer Value Journey is a comprehensive marketing framework that guides customers through eight distinct stages: Awareness, Engagement, Subscription, Conversion, Excitement, Ascension, Advocacy, and Promotion. Each stage requires a unique approach and a set of strategies tailored to meet specific objectives.

By understanding and properly implementing this framework, businesses can not only attract and retain customers but also turn them into ardent advocates and promoters of their brand. It's a well-rounded strategy that maximizes customer value while simultaneously driving business growth and profitability.

Here are the options for each stage of the Customer Value Journey:

Customer Value Journey Stage 1 Awareness Options: 

Product or Service Promotions
User-Generated Content
Educational or How-To Posts
Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses
Contests & Giveaways
Influencer Collaborations
Seasonal or Timely Posts
Humorous or Entertaining Posts

Customer Value Journey Stage 2 Engagement Options:

Polls & Surveys
Questions & Prompts
Controversial or Provocative
Interactive Posts
UGC Contests
Influencer Partnerships
Inspirational or Motivational Posts
Humorous or Entertaining Posts

Customer Value Journey Stage 3 Subscription Options:

Newsletter Subscriptions
Discount Code Offers
Interactive Questionnaires
Gated Content
Social Media Lead Generation Ads
Online Contests or Giveaways
Event Sign-Ups
Email Course or Challenge

Customer Value Journey Stage 4 Conversion Options:

Low-Cost Trial
Introductory Consultation
Discounted Starter Package
Whitepaper Download
Webinar/Event Registration
Low Cost Product Offer
First-Time Customer Discount
Free Shipping
Limited-Time Sale
Product Samples

Customer Value Journey Stage 5 Excitement Options:

Indoctrination Sequence
Exclusive Sneak Peeks
Customer-Only Events
How-To Product/Service Posts
Insider Tips
Interactive Polls & Surveys
Related Limited-Time Offers
Product/Service Feature Updates

Customer Value Journey Stage 6 Ascension Options:

Product Bundles
Membership Programs
Add-On Services
Tiered Pricing
VIP/Premium Services
Personalized Recommendations

Customer Value Journey Stage 7 Advocate Options:

Brand/Product Reviews
Brand/Product Testimonials
User-Generated Content
Badge Sharing
Gamified Content Sharing
Customer Spotlights
Loyalty Programs

Customer Value Journey Stage 8 Promote Options:

Referral Discounts
Affiliate Programs
Value-Added Reseller Programs
Influencer Partnerships

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