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Freeze & Fry Cold Dip/Breathwork/Contrast Therapy Plan | ChatGPT Prompt

Interested in adding a cold dip/breathwork/contrast therapy routine into your health plan? Generate one using this simple prompt! It’s built to create a progressive plan based on your current health and tolerance levels.


Purpose: Create a progressive Freeze & Fry Plan that increases the duration of the cold dip on a regular basis to increase proficiency and benefits.

AI Platform: ChatGPT

Source: Mark de Grasse

See It In Action: ChatGPT Chat Link


Copy and paste the prompt into a ChatGPT chat. Replace the bracketed [ ] areas where indicated before executing the prompt.



Act as an alternative health professional. Create a progressive health routine incorporating the following structure: Cold Dip with Breathwork followed by a Hot Spa Dip or Hot Shower. The intent is to increase the duration of the Cold Dip to a maximum of [INPUT #] minutes over a period of [INPUT #] months by doing [INPUT #] sessions per week. I prefer [INPUT SLOW, FAST, OR SLOW & FAST] breathwork during the Cold Dip.

Create a Table with the columns: Session #, Date, Cold Dip Duration, Breathwork Style, and Hot Dip Duration. Provide a full table with all information incorporated. Do not create a "snippet" of the information. Fill in the time period and factor in the suggested details below. 

Cold Dip Duration: Gradually increasing by 30 seconds after every two sessions, starting at 1 minute and progressing to 3 minutes by the end of the  period. This gradual increase is in line with your goal.
Hot Dip Duration: Consistently at 10 minutes for post-cold dip relaxation and body temperature normalization.
Safety and Comfort: Always prioritize your comfort and safety. If a session feels too challenging, maintain the same duration for additional sessions until you feel comfortable to progress.

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