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Admired Brand Assessment | ChatGPT Prompt

How do you start defining a brand if you haven’t built one before? You start by looking at the brands you admire, then you steal all the concepts! Jk… don’t do that, but DO use them as inspiration to build your brand. Use this prompt to start the process.


Purpose: Use AI to find the branding attributes of admirable brands, then create a checklist of how these aspects can be applied to your brand.

AI Platform: ChatGPT

Source: Mark de Grasse

See It In Action: ChatGPT Chat Link


Copy and paste the prompt into a ChatGPT chat. Replace the bracketed [ ] areas where indicated before executing the prompt.



Review the brand called [INPUT BRAND NAME OR WEBSITE] online, then create a list of the following branding aspects:

- Brand Personality and Identity
- Typography & Font Styling
- Design Style & Aesthetics
- Tone & Messaging
- Scalability & Versatility
- Consistency & Alignment
- Mood & Emotional Resonance

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Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is the founder of the AI-Branding Academy and creator of the AI-Branding Framework, a comprehensive styling system intended to maintain and centralize the vision of business owners, marketers, and executives across their organizations.