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December 18, 2023
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AI for Newbs It’s Not So Scary!

02 February, 2021

If you feel like you’re late to the game… stop it. Even the most “experienced” AI experts (at least from the consumer side) have only been at it for a year or two. If you’re ready to start using AI, follow these steps.

AI is one of the first modern pieces of technology that is 100% user friendly. Yes, the thought of manipulating an “intelligent” machine sounds daunting to people, but that’s simply because a lot of modern technology hasn’t been user friendly.

You’ve been taught that any significant advance will come with it’s own set of unique challenges… when we first got online with dial-up you needed to install it from a floppy disk, listen to the devil’s piano play (dial-up), and navigate a completely new environment to find information.

When cell phones came about, I remember sitting on the curb in front of my parent’s house to make a phone call (with my Nokia no less) because that’s the only place that got reception.

AI isn’t either of those. In fact, AI’s chief benefit is it’s simplicity… you just need to get started.
Use the following steps to start using AI TODAY, and realize the simple benefits it has to offer.

If you’re a beginner to AI, you can get started right now! Simply use this 3 step process to start generating both written and visual content today.

STEP 1: Use AI Instead of Search

Next time you need an answer to a basic question, use ChatGPT. For example, let’s say you want to make banana bread for the first time. You could use a search engine and get 300+ million results including a bunch of product ads you didn’t ask for, OR you can type a quick query into ChatGPT and get a succinct, commercial-free answer in seconds and save yourself a ton of time.

The best thing about “prompting AI” (the act of questioning, instructing, or inputting data into an artificial intelligence) is that you get to ask follow-up questions!

So, ask how to make banana bread, then tell it to make a grocery list of what you need, or ask for alternative recipes that leave out ingredients that you’re allergic to, or go nuts and ask for 20 different recipes with different flavors! The sky is the limit.

STEP 2: Have Some Fun

After you’ve had your first “conversation” with AI, get goofy! One of my son’s favorite road-trip pastimes is having AI write funny poems. He’s 10 years old so they usually involve a sport and the word “farts,” but that’s just one option. Use this prompt in ChatGPT and have some fun:

Write a short, funny poem about [ENTER PERSON’S NAME] and how they always [ENTER ACTIVITY] which causes problems with [ENTER PROBLEMS].

Simply replace the bracketed text with whatever you want! Read it out loud and see what your friends think 🙂

STEP 3: Make Your Dreams Reality

Now that you have a handle on prompting, it’s time to create visual representations of your dreams. There are many visual tools out there, but I think the easiest to start on is DALL·E.

Similar to ChatGPT, you can simply prompt what you want and it will create it for you! Test it by explaining the last crazy dream you had and see what it comes up with!

If you’re more advanced (or have a BIGGER imagination), I recommend using Midjourney.

It’s a little more complicated, but you can simply use the Midjourney Emotionally-Drive Prompt Generator linked here to help you get going!