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Elevate Your Agency
Into the Future with Us

License everything we provide and sell it as your own… Frameworks, Custom GPTs, Prompt Series, Templates, and More.

Benefits Working With the AI-Branding Academy

Add a new level of service, automation, and speed with our branding, marketing, and production tools and templates.

Add AI & Branding to Your Services

Looking for a way to integrate AI into your existing services? This is it! A framework that can add value without much work.

Start Selling AI-Brand Blueprints

AI-Brand Blueprints are comprehensive style guides that can redefine a company and allow for the centralization of all marketing decisions.

Create Custom GPTs for Your Clients

Looking for a way to secure your company as a long-term marketing solution? We’ll teach you how to build Custom GPTs as a service or product.

Train Your Employees

Tired of endless churn and management tasks? Get instant access to tools that will simplify your operation by training employees fast.

Build the Ultimate Marketing Brand

Your brand needs to be more defined than anyone’s! Use AI-Branding to create the best marketing brand possible.

Network with AI-Powered Marketers

AI-Branding Academy is a community, and a core aspect is referring business to the best professional possible. Join us. 

AI-Tools & Frameworks

AI-Branding Academy continually adds new frameworks, tools, and definitions to refine the profession of marketing.

AI-Branding Framework

The AI-Branding Framework is a holistic approach to building and maintaining brand identity through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The primary objective is to use traditional branding techniques to establish a genuine brand that can be executed and maintained through the application of AI.

Brand Pillars

Brand Pillars are the fundamental elements that define and support the overarching identity and positioning of a brand within its market. They encapsulate the brand’s essential attributes, including its name, core values, voice, brand avatar, and customer avatar. Each pillar serves as a steadfast guidepost that shapes every aspect of the brand’s strategic and creative execution.

Brand Essentials

Brand Essentials refer to the fundamental elements and core attributes that define and distinguish a brand in the marketplace. These essentials are crucial for building a strong brand identity, maintaining consistency across all platforms, and communicating the brand’s message effectively to its target audience. They include the essential elements necessary to direct style guide creation and brand consistency in one-off branding projects.

Full Licensing

Partners receive “source code” to all new GPTs for use as their own products/services.

Add Branding & Creative Work

Not creative? You don’t have to be! Use AI-Branding tools for ideation & outsourcing.

Continuous Revenue Streams

Tired of getting fired? Turn Custom GPTs into subscription services.

Endlessly Expanding Training

New courses, Custom GPTs, and other tools added every week.

Mark’s Website Building System

Use the exact protocols and themes founder Mark de Grasse used to build over 300 websites independently.