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AI-Branding Academy

Certified AI-Branders

The following individuals successfully completed of the AI-Branding Bootcamp, a Branding and Artificial Intelligence Integration course. They demonstrated a solid understanding of branding fundamentals, the impactful role of AI in branding strategies, and the practical application of these concepts in real-world settings through an exemplary capstone project. Their work highlights a keen insight into leveraging AI for data-driven branding decisions, personalizing customer experiences, and enhancing brand communication.

Zsolt Borsi

Digital Marketing Strategist | E-commerce | SEO | AI

I’ve spent the last decade working with businesses of all sizes, helping them create compelling content that builds brand awareness, drives traffic, and generates leads. In addition to developing new website, webshop, PPC and social media campaigns, I’ve worked on optimizing existing sites and helping my clients identify and overcome common challenges when it comes to ranking for competitive keywords.

The main question: “how big is the ROAS/ROI”?

Etan Polinger

Certified AI Consultant | Experience Marketing Architect & CMO | Driving Growth Through Exceptional Client Experiences | Marketing Certified Consultant | Speaker | Faculty Member

Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by understanding people and their behaviors. This interest sparked early, like when I started a candy stand at 15, learning the power of supply and demand. This curiosity led me through a journey of self-education and hands-on experience in various aspects of marketing and sales, from SEO and direct response marketing to learning from industry giants like Dan Arieli and Seth Godin. After eight years in the industry, with multiple successes in growing companies to seven to ten figures, my passion for marketing, problem-solving, and creating ‘magic’ continues. I am ever eager to learn and build more.

Domain Knowledge: SEO, SEM, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Copywriting, Marketing Automation, Conversion Rate Optimization, E-commerce, Sales.

Rich Scierka, M.S.

Owner @scierkalangmedia | Digital Marketer, AI Integrator, Keynote Speaker, Strategist, Professor, Captain, Firefighter, Daddy

As a marketing strategist, I enhance internal communications for companies, addressing challenges to strengthen departments and their stakeholder messaging. I aim to develop independent programs, minimizing third-party reliance. My expertise covers executive support, message crafting, budgeting, marketing frameworks, analytics, traditional and digital media services (OTT, Google, retargeting, geo-fencing, behavioral tactics), vendor oversight, and media campaign management.

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