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This is the
AI-Branding Academy

We’re here to elevate the profession and practice of marketing.

OUR VISION: To set the standard in marketing certifications that are recognized by industry leaders worldwide, with the ambitious goal of having over 20,000 certified professionals who are acknowledged as competent and influential marketers by 2025.

Welcome to AI-Branding Academy, where tradition meets innovation in the world of branding. Our academy stands at the forefront of educational excellence, blending time-honored branding strategies with groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology.

Our slogan, “Traditional Branding, AI-Powered Application,” perfectly encapsulates our approach to integrating classic methods with modern innovations.

Our offerings are more than just courses and certifications; they are transformative experiences designed to empower marketers and set a global standard in marketing expertise.

We are committed to empowering over 20,000 professionals by 2025, fostering a community that is not only skilled but also influential and forward-thinking in their practices.

At AI-Branding Academy, our core values—Customer Empowerment, Educational Leadership, Community Engagement, Social Responsibility, Adaptive Growth, Ethical Integrity, and Visionary Leadership—guide everything we do.

These principles ensure that our programs not only advance professional careers but also contribute to the betterment of the community and industry at large.

Our educational approach is characterized by a forward-thinking spirit and innovative practices, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of today’s marketers. We ensure clarity and conciseness in our communications, engaging our community through compelling storytelling and thought-provoking content that inspires action.

Join us on this inspiring journey at AI-Branding Academy, where you can shape your future as a globally recognized marketing leader. Embrace the empowerment and become part of a visionary movement that sets new standards in the marketing world.

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Mark de Grasse